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Old 05-05-2012, 07:58 PM
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Thumbs up Congratulations to The Killerqueen, the first lvl 100 HC char

Congratulations to The Killerqueen on surviving for whole 100 lvl with your HC char. There were many who perished while trying to achieve this. Even two lvl 90 characters died trying (you must play about one year to get level 90). Good luck on your next journey, I hope you can make it up to the lvl 150

Some explanation to players who don't know much about HardCore (HC) characters:
1. If you die, you are dead and can't play on, only restart your character from lvl 1
2. You receive 50AP per day
3. You can not remort
4. You receive no free credits from boss kills, so every advantage must be bought for real money
5. You can buy only some advantages, about half of the advantages can not be purchased at all
6. You will die sooner or later, because base success chance (monster level base) is going down permanently (as it seems), but your skills, ultimate skills and equipment bonuses are limited. So your final success chance will go down and down, until you finally die.

I have some experience playing HC char, I play Shiva Greenhorn, lvl 94, 4th in ranking and dropping, because I play too carefully. But I hope that I will outlive them all someday
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