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NAME: Syrinese (SEAR - in - EEZ)

AGE: 19

GENDER: male

RACE: human (possibly some elvin heritage, although he is not sure of it yet)

CLASS: thief

FACTION: Mountain Kingdoms

EQUIPMENT: Syrinese is armed with a longsword, two daggers, several throwing knives and other projectiles. He

wears no armor except for his plated gauntlets, from which metal blades extend. He wears soft leather boots, dark

pants, black shirt, and a red jacket that is reversible. On the inside of the jacket it is black. He also has a black metal

mask with slits for his eyes and nose. The mask cuts off just above his lip. Several pieces of metal extend down

fromt the bottom of the mask over his mouth and chin, creating a grill for him to speak through. He keeps his mask

hidden unless he is trying to hide his identity during a break in, etc.

DESCRIPTION: He is tall, around 6' 2'', with short and spikey brown/black hair. Has green eyes and a good sense

of humor, although he becomes very sarcastic when things go wrong, as they tend to do around him. He has a slim

and athletic build, built for running, climbing, and jumping. He is surprisingly strong. He is cleanshaven. His ears may

be considered slightly pointed, although no where near that of the elves. Even though he is a thief, he considers

himself to be an honorable one. He makes a point to only steal what he needs, and to take it from the rich or his

enemies. He does not like to take orders and is very rebellious if someone of authority tries to control him.

SKILLS: He is a master of an agressive form of martial arts and is very adept with his various blades. His main focus

is either offensive or running away. He prefers to escape rather than fight in most cases. He is incredibly fast and

agile, but he has very little in the means of defense. He can climb almost any surface with the help of some of his tools

and he can jump an amazing distance. He is a master of lockpicking and pickpocketing. His most valued skill is his

ability to hide in seemingly wide open places. He is a master of stealth and we he doesn't want to be seen, he can't


HISTORY: Seth was born in a large northern city called Turguk. His father died when he was nine; his mother is still

alive and very influentual in Turguk, but Seth ran away when he was thirteen and does not want to return to her. He

traveled the lands around the Dragon Tavern, and under guidance of a friendly thief he met during his travels, he

learned everything he knows today.

Also playing as:
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NAME: a mysterious warrior woman known only as Priestess
AGE: accounts vary over the years, some say she's as ageless as the moon itself though her beauty refuses to die.
GENDER: female
RACE: human
CLASS: Necromancer
FACTION: Deadlands

EQUIPMENT: Armament: Runed Necrotanium Shovelstaff of the Deadgate
Protection: Wickedly Ornate Necrotanium Plate Armor
Support: Horde of Bound Shadow Knights
Extra Support: Necrotanium Key Amulet

DESCRIPTION: Hair: ebon, long and flowing
Eyes: jade green
Skin: tanned & athletic
Distinguishing Feature: her boy is covered in tattoos. Stories say that each tat represents a life she has taken.

HISTORY: No one knows quite where Priestess came from or how she came to be, but one thing is for certain, wherever she goes, death, destruction and despair are her constant companions. With lightning speed reflexes and her seemingly endless supply of weaponry, Priestess is definitely a force to be recokoned with, and most certainly not a being one would want to cross paths with in the dead of night.

Priestess' reputation far preceeds her, for even the mere mention of her name can cause even the most steadfast of men to soil themselves.

Never staying in one place for too long, Priestess leads a solitary life as she travels her dark path. Perhaps, one day, you might run afoul of her and experience her wrath first hand.
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NAME: Gabriel Adeimar
AGE: 31
RACE: Human
CLASS: Sky Guard
FACTION: Mountain Kingdom

ARMOR (light): studded dragon hide-armor layered for extra protection. Leather gauntlets adorned his forearm and stitched leather gloves covered his calloused hands.

WEAPONS: A round oak shield with steel reinforced edging. Steel head & wooden shaft spear. Slightly smaller set of wooden javelins for ranged attack (typically carried on mount).

SKILLS: His primary weapon being the spear, most of his fighting style revolved around utilizing the advantage of “reach” but still keeping mêlée controlled. His training had also allowed for easy maneuverability for mounted combat, both defensive & offensive.

MOUNT: Gryphon (head of eagle and body of a lion). Fur and feathers are golden brown in color. Along its back, a leather saddle with pouches for small equipment, and its head and neck is typically fashioned with custom leather stitched protection during battle. The mount was bred and trained to be utilized as not only a mode of transportation, but also as an extension of combat for the rider. Its attacks include talons, biting/tearing (eagle beak) and the wings.

DESCRIPTION: As were most men in the Adeimar family, Gabriel stands rather tall at 6`2, just an inch above his younger brother Crae. However, unlike his brother, his physique was much more muscular and toned from rigorous training and mounted combat. His body had few visible scars, and even they were not as bad as they had once been (The Apothecary’s of the Mountain Kingdom can be thanked for that). Gabriel’s face held a solid visage, a prominent chin and jaw, a strong nose and brow, and his emerald eyes gave a warm and radiant aura. His dark-brown hair was of medium length, and matching facial hair adorned his chin and sideburns. His skin was sun-kissed to a light tan. A “raven” emblem, done in black face paint, is worn proudly across his face in times of battle.

HISTORY: The first of three siblings amongst the Adeimar children, Gabriel had been treated relatively well by his parents. His wealthy upbringing within the confines of the Steel Empire realm allowed him to partake in the best education for the money, and both parents hoped he would lead the family as the next generation Adeimar. A few years later, a second son, Crae was born. However, with the third birth of their daughter Mia, their mother had medical complications and became bed ridden for the remainder of her days. She slowly made a final descent into eternal sleep shortly thereafter.

Time passed, and tension began to weigh heavily on the Adeimar family, as their father took to isolation after the loss of his wife, steering clear of the children as well. On the other hand, Gabriel’s relationship with his younger brother and sister was balanced rather well, and their love and admiration for their older brother became strong. It was only a matter of time though, that the one person, who gave them hope, would disappear from their lives.

A call had gone out within the Steel Empire and Mountain Kingdom realms for able-bodied men to enlist into the military. Gabriel, only recently turning eighteen at the time, had answered the call in an effort to serve the Empire and allow the family name to live on. Shortly after his recruitment, however, a random list of names had been selected to join the ranks of the Mountain Kingdom militia for a short tour of duty, in an effort to assist in construction and fortification of surrounding towns. Much to the Steel Empire’s dissatisfaction, the God Emperor, Ajen felt it necessary to abide to the Mountain Kingdom’s wishes in an effort to keep some semblance of peace.

The eldest Adeimar son had little choice in the matter.

His acceptance within the Mountain Kingdom had not been without its tribulation, but in an effort to please his own homeland, he continued to persevere in the face of adversity. Eventually, his persistence and dedication was recognized and he was chosen to continue his military path as a soldier of the Sky Guard and advocate of the Steel Empire. However, as time passed, his allegiance and his heart became that much closer to the Mountain Kingdom. The Sky Guard had become his new family.

Many years later, unconfirmed word had been sent back to the Adeimar household that Gabriel was slain in battle. Hope had broken apart for them all, and dissension became strong. Their father went missing soon after. Crae, the only male figure left to carry the family name had broken relations with his father and decided to move down his own path. Mia, torn from the news, went into a deep depression that has lasted what seemed an eternity. The family had systematically broken down and veered off into separate directions.

Gabriel, unaware of the false news of his "supposed" death, headed back to his homeland of the Steel Empire only to find an empty shell of a standing building he once called home. As far as he was concerned, his family’s disappearance had been no one’s fault but his own. Without further thought, he traveled back to the Mountain Kingdom, never to return to his place of birth.

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NAME: Nile Redheart
AGE: Unknown
RACE: Human
CLASS: War Master
FACTION: Mountain Kingdom

EQUIPMENT: Tough leather armor, traveling cape, face mask, throwing knives, daggers, Katana, Gemstone of Protection (+15 defense) hidden spears.

DESCRIPTION: Short but well built, Nile is more than a match for most foes. He is extremely agile and quick on his feet. It has been said that his greatest asset is his huger upper body strength. Tales of Nile removing huge boulders and logs from his path have traveled the lands many times over.

HISTORY: As an explorer and hunter Nile has traveled the lands in search of many relics, most of which he has found. He is extremely agile and quick on his feet which has proven more than handy in situations. He started his career as a hired thief, stealing rare artifacts for clients.

Now he works alone. Searching the world for artifacts and treasures. Living off the land and moving by night has kept bandits and would be assassins off Niles trail for many years. No on knows where he stores all that he finds but rumor has it that a large den has been carved out somewhere in a remote part of the Mountain Kingdoms and this is where Nile hordes his stash.

Nile is faithful to the god's but is willing to face a little wrath if it means he gets what he wants. It has been said that he is storing Gold to pay for a magnificent tomb upon his death, rumor has it that this is to be built atop the snowy peaks of Skyclaw.
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Default PM me letting me know what you think.

Name: Rifcun Dizgid
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Kobold
Class: Infiltrator
Faction: Mountain Kingdom

Armor: Wearing basic leather armor which covers his chest, legs, shins, and forearms.

Weapons: A small hand-held crossbow rests on his belt, and a pair of Thorium Blades sheathed in simple black leather at his sides.

Skills: A thief, and a rather good one. Using his size to his advantage (and the reason he was allowed to be trained) he can easily move through large masses of people. Also being much lower than the average person, he's capable of taking things without even having to worry about getting caught. All of his melee training consists of dual wielding knives and short swords, and he's had training with throwing daggers, bows, and crossbows. Kobolds also have night sight up to 60 feet.

Description: Unlike most races of Kobold, Rifcun is of reptilian heritage. His basic tongue being draconic. Still capable of speaking common his vocabulary isn't the best, neither is his speaking abilities. Standing at roughly 3 feet and weighing 60 lbs he's a little taller and bulkier than most Kobolds, but he's honed his body giving him greater agility and dexterity.

History: Rifcun was born and raised in a rather large basement of a noble's home. His parents keeping him a secret for a noble human family which would have enslaved him as well if they knew of his existence. Sneaking out to stay up all night roaming the city and stealing from other people's homes became his favorite pass time usually sleeping in during the day. His parents spending most of their time with their son teaching him what they've overheard from the nobles and their guests trying to make something out of the young Kobold.

With his father becoming ill one day he ventured out with his mother to the market getting sight of what life was like during the daytime, a day which changed his life. Overwhelmed by the large amount of people, and all the items out in the open and asking to be stole he took the money from his own mother and forces it into her pocket as he personally steals the supplies they came into the town for. Regularly taking his father's place at her side they collect simple foods, but allowing his parents to spend the extra coin on whatever they desired. He felt they earned it.

One day during his usual "shopping" spree he caught the eye of a member from a secret underground thieves guild and was followed back to the noble's home. Taking word back to guild he reports to the leader that the increase in theft came from such a tiny little creature, presumed to be a slave. Peeking the leader's interest he waited days for the little creature to show up, almost giving up until he stayed too late tending to his own affairs in the marketplace and spotting the Kobold using the moon as his ally, stealing from vendors as they were packing up their goods.

Approaching the scaly creature he makes the proposition of training, exploration, and making a name of himself. Something his parents wanted from him, and something he wished to claim for himself. Renown. Like the stories from which his father told him at night. His name could remembered years from now. Happily agreeing he left a simple note for his parents wishing them well, and leaving them quite a few coin bags from the previous day's earnings as a parting gift.

Quickly advancing through the Meadowbrook ranks excelling among the others with his thievery and spying abilities the only thing he lacked was physical prowess. Having such strength is impressive for a Kobold, but fighting out-right with another man would be tough and dangerous..even with his agility.
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Sorry it's so long

NAME: Chonatic Demorte (Chon)
AGE: 72
RACE: Dwarf
CLASS: Dwarven Earth Sage
FACTION: Mountain Kingdom

Chon wears dark red and gleaming gold thorium full plate armour, hand-forged and pieced together by chon himself in the volcanic bowels of the Ashpeak Mountains. For many years Chon collected the raw materials required from the darkest reaches of the world.

Chon’s Main weapon is a thorium plated lava canon. A rare, one of a kind, long forgotten dwarven artefact which was discovered as part of Chon’s explorations of the Ashpeak ranges. It was found, well hidden and well guarded, in the abandoned Molten Foundry deep below Mount Sedrid. Chon also carries a thorium pick-axe.
Chon's final piece of equipment isn't really equipment at all but Chon's closest friend and companion - a huge and mighty stone elemental thorium quakelord named... well... Ziggles.

Like most dwarfs, Chon only stands about four feet tall but is broad-shouldered, burly and strong. He has a bald head and a long flowing red moustache, the ends of which hang well past his chin, nearly reaching his chest.

His skin is pale and white from the years he has spent exploring underground and his eyes, while a piecing hazel, have whites that have turned dark yellow from long exposure to sulphur and many other noxious underground by-products of volcanic activity.

Chon is, by choice, a loner. He is the first to admit that his manners when with company leave a lot to be desired. He doesn’t suffers fools well and like many earth sages has a short temper.

Chon’s closest and only companion is his thorium Quakelord he affectionately calls Ziggles. Ziggles is an earth elemental and indeed a formidable and frightening sight. He stands nearly 18 feet tall and is composed entirely of crystalline thorium. The ground shakes when he walks and if provoked he could easily destroy an entire town while arrows and spears bounced of him harmlessly. Luckily for most towns, Ziggles personality belies his appearance. As Chon will attest to, not only is Ziggles a huge softy at heart, he is quite intelligent and prefers nothing more to reading good poetry (if Chon will turn the pages for him, fat stone fingers, you see) or listening to fine music. Of course this is not something Chon advertises as Ziggles’ appearance and mere presence have helped Chon avoid many a fight against superior numbers. That is not to say that Ziggles cannot fight, far from it. There is one thing that can provoke a rage in Ziggles and that is seeing his only friend Chon in danger. When this happens Ziggles can erupt in a violent rage and all those in his way had best flee for their lives for there is no escaping death at the hands of an angry Quakelord.

The other important point about Chon and Ziggles is the relationship they share. They are not only friends but are linked together through the very magic that earth sages are naturally imbued with. The nature of this bond is such that both Chon and Ziggles are each other’s greatest strength and also their greatest weakness. The nature of their bond means that their very existences are linked and if anything dire were to happen to one of them, the other too would surely perish. Thankfully, this relationship is a closely guarded secret of the dwarven earth sage’s and only a few outsiders know of its true nature.

Chon was born in the Skyclaw Ridge Mountains to a family of dwarfs who had a long and proud history as Dwarven Berserkers. It was as a berserker that Chon assumed his future lay but on his 10th Birthday this changed. Taken to the local berserker academy, which ironically was also the local brewery and tavern, Chon lined up with the other inductees and was handed a large ceremonial flagon of steaming Dragonsbreath ale. On the orders of the highest ranking berserker the inductees all downed their ale as a token of the beginning of their training in berserkerdom. While the others downed their ale and let out a loud belch of satisfaction Chon froze momentarily before falling flat on his face fast asleep. Of course the other inductees found this hilarious until chon was awoken and, drunkardly, started throwing punches at all and sundry while shouting long forgotten dwarven curses that were so ribald, even the barkeep blushed. He then threw up on the local berserker captain and passed out again. Usually drunken violence was not only accepted by the berserkers but was of course highly regarded. But all this after one drink and, of course, the subsequent catatonia made Chon unacceptable and an outcast.

After such great embarrassment, Chon’s family sent him to live with an uncle far away. It was here that Chon first discovered his affinity for earth magic and his relationship with Ziggles began. Not sure what his future held, Chon spent many months pondering his future and exploring the area around his new home. One day he discovered a cave at the foot of an ominous looking mountain. Feeling no fear and in fact, feeling quite at home, Chon set about exploring the deepest reaches of the cave. In a dark recess, only just sticking out of the rock was what looked like a sparkling geode. Chon dug it out with gusto and took it out into the light to get a better view. Chon soon discovered that this was no geode but actually had something encased inside it. Overcome by curiosity, chon tapped carefully with his pick axe and amazingly the egg cracked ever so slightly. As it did a spark of energy leapt from inside the egg into Chon’s hand. This was the moment that an everlasting bond was created between Chon and the earth elemental he would come to call Ziggles.

Chon immediately told his uncle about this and his reaction was one of happiness rather than the anger Chon expected. Chon’s destiny had been revealed – he was an earth sage and his elemental had found him, as was expected. Chon was sent to the Al’Dromo Great Forge Earth Sage Chapter immediately where he excelled in his training and Ziggles grew much stronger and much, much bigger. Chon still tried to prove his dwarven worth through drinking games with others in training but this always, always, ended badly. A dwarf who could not hold his drink did not, unfortunately, make many friends.

After his training was complete Chon and Ziggles took part in several campaigns for the mountain kingdoms where he aquitted himself admirably in battle, but like all earth Sages, he felt the call of the earth and nature. On his 50th birthday, Chon set out to explore some of the lesser known areas of the realm, which was a pilgrimage that many sages took. It was while on this pilgrimage of discovery that Chon met his first wife Cyrillia, a human warrior who shared his love of exploration and fighting – and she was also able and willing to stop him from drinking at inopportune moments which served them all well.

Chon and Cyrillia (and Ziggles) shared five happy years of exploring and discovery, making a formidable team when faced with the dangers of many long forgotten dungeons. However, it did not last. Tragedy struck one day as they were deep in the heart of a most dangerous dungeon. While they had defeated the monstrous boss of the dungeon and were escaping with the incredible loot they had plundered, Chon unwittingly set off a trap that ensnared both Cyrillia and Ziggles. Horrible tentacles arose out of a pit filled nearly to the top with boiling lava, dragging them to their death. Of course Chon, full of remorse threw himself at the tentacles, hitting them as hard as he could with his pick axe hoping to break their grip, but there were too many and despite the number Chon managed to smash, they dragged their helpless victims ever closer to the edge. Chon faced a horrible choice. Save his darling wife, who he loved with his whole being, or save Ziggles, the elemental that was linked to Chon’s very life force. For Chon, the choice was easy and he locked his gaze upon Cyrillia and prepared to leap at the tentacles dragging her away from him.

Cyrillia saw the intention etched on Chon’s face and in an instant knew what she had to do. With one last effort she wrestled her broadsword free and locked her eyes with Chons. In that moment Chon knew Cyrillia’s love like never before. He felt it flow through him like a wave, rooting him in place as he watched her reach with a mighty effort and bring her sword down with explosive power onto the tentacles that dragged Ziggles towards the pit, only to drag her towards her death at a faster rate. Cyrillia knew well the bond between Chon and Ziggles and could not let him save her knowing that it would lead to the elementals death and ultimately Chon’s as well. Chon yelled in horror and despair as he dived for Cyrillia hoping to catch her hand only to see it disappear over the edge of the pit.

The guilt Chon felt over Cyrillias death has stayed with him to this day. After her death Chon took on a hermit like existence, devoting himself to his earth sage art and developing his knowledge of the earth as much as possible. For the next seventeen years Chon and Ziggles explored the outer realms, fighting some of the most hideous monsters and, of course, discovering some of the most amazing loot and artefacts places like the blight had to offer. However, Chon never did this for gold and certainly never for glory. He did it to forget. They rarely had contact with others and avoided towns and cities as much as possible. Chon’s abilities grew to the point where he was indeed a formidable earth sage, possessing the ability to control the earth itself as a weapon. Ziggles too grew as did the bond between them. However, Chon knew he could not live like a hermit forever. It would, he thought, along with the grief of Cyrillias death, eventually drive him mad – and besides, the blight was a hard place to find a beer.

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Name: Lewis
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Trained Soldier: War Master in training
Fraction: Mountain Kingdoms

Equipment: A black horse named Shadow Step (Shadow for short) which has the basic armor any war horse would be adorned in to protect it from attack. Shadow also carries an unusual quiver that instead of arrows carries seven javelins. Lewis personally carries a red tower shield with the image of four golden wings parting from the metal center piece and he wields a steel long sword. For armor he wears the classic Roman Platemail armor along with a chainmail shirt that covers his arms and goes down to about his knees. Under his armor he wears a dirtied red tunic that he has had for years while serving his War Master.

Description: Lewis is a scrawny young man who looks more like he is held together by wires attached to his bones more than anything. Despite his scrawny build he stands at 5’11’’ and can swing his sword with considerable force while throwing a javelin a hundred yards or so. His blue eyes hold the look of a tender soul that has not yet seen real combat, but they also hold the faintest but ever growing presence of true power. Covering his head and sometimes his eyes is his long brownish hair that he cuts only when it ever becomes a true burden on him and hurts his fight ability.

History: Lewis was born and raised in the great human city of Meadow Brook inside the Mountain Kingdoms. There is family was nothing more than upper lower class peasants who had to work every day to make a living with little extra to spend on personal wants or desirers. While his family was poor his father along with his three older brothers all age thirteen and up worked hard in the fields to earn money while his mother and his two sisters worked by sewing things that people would buy for gold.

Being the youngest of six kids Lewis had plenty of siblings to watch and learn from and because of it was rarely ever punished since he learned not to do the things they got punished for. This only slightly angered his siblings and made them call him the favorite and the loved child. That was far from the truth because when the time came that he could help his father in the fields two of his brothers and one sister had already left home to make their own mark on history. His brother and he worked hard in the fields with their dad as their sister did her best to help their mom out at home.

When the time came for his brother and sister to leave as well he worked even harder with his father to help support them. Although the family had only three people in it they worked and brought in the amount of money that a family of five would need. This extra money was stored away by his parents so that when the time for them to retire came they would be able to live a life of ease and not have to ever worry abut never having enough.

When Lewis’s time came to leave the house and make his own history he picked a path way different than any other in his family. He decided that he would become a War Master one day and that he would lead armies of men into battle against those who would seek to destroy his homeland. Becoming a Trained Soldier he trained alone for the longest of times but when he tried the first time to become a War Master he failed the test and was given the advice to seek out a War Master and train under him until he learned what it truly meant to be a War Master.
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Name: Elrin Windheart
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Storm Lord
Age: 22

Equipment: A wizard's staff, resembling a traditional walking stick with a crystal orb attached to the head, which he uses as a focus for most of his magic. Speaking of magic, the spellbook at his side contains an abundance of spells, all dealing with lightning, wind, rain, or ice. He's committed a few basic spells to memory, but requires the book to remember most of them. He also carries a concealed dagger in his robes, but rarely uses it, and never speaks of it.

Skills: Elrin is a Storm Lord. A fairly adept one, too. Therefor, he uses magic dealing with the weather, and he shows particular skill in manipulating wind. Aside from magic, Elrin seems to have a silver tongue; he's fairly good at acting, bluffing, and fasttalking. He also has some skill at thievery, although he'll deny it if confronted about it.

Description: He stands a few inches below six feet tall. He's fair-skinned, and has dark shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. Wears a dark blue robe. Fairly good-looking, too. He's almost never caught without a grin on his face.

History: Little is known about Elrin's past. He tends to artfully dodge any specific questions of his past, but he does let things slip from time to time. If such slip-ups are to be trusted, he grew up on the streets at Blister Peak until he began showing magical potential and enrolled in the Blister Peak Academy. Presumably, he sees adventuring as a way to escape from the life of poverty that otherwise awaited him.
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Name: Orion Vryce
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Race: Resurrected Human
Class: Death Knight
Faction: Deadlands

Equipment: Orion wears a set of voidsteel platemail that underneath has a chainmail shirt to protect from missile fire from bow & arrows and crossbows & bolts. Wearing his armor with pride it displays the famous golden skull with red jewel eyes, the symbol of the place he once called home. Strapped to his back is his oldest and most trusted friend, his voidsteel claymore. He trusts his live to his claymore than to any other living/ nonliving thing in the world because it has been by his side trough all his calamities. The only thing that makes his claymore any different than a regular one a Deadland Soldier would pick up is the peach seed sized red ruby embedded into the pommel.

Riding a monstrous beast called an Elder Two Headed Shadowdrake that is bigger than a horse by nearly three times Orion named him Shadow Scale. He named him such for the fact that his scales are a black color that rivals the darkness of Orion’s Voidsteel. Like a crocodile the drake as two sets of eyelids, the first one he uses to protect his eyes from dirt or other things kicked up while running and the second to actually cover his eyes altogether.

Description: Orion stands at 5’9’’ with corpse-like colored skin which has a few spots that show sign of decay. Adding to is unusual appearance are his eyes that are a faint glowing green color. Keeping his hair on his head shaven while he keeps the rest of his face clean shaven is probably the only normal thing about his appearance. On his back he carries the scar that is the healed wound that killed him many years ago; the scar stretches from his upper right should to the lower left side of his back.

History: Orion grew up in the militaristic town of Bogwood located deep inside the Dreadmarsh, to survive in the town you had to be strong and regular trading caravans would escort those who could no longer live there out. With the constant threat of attack from lizardmen, trolls, undead, and giants the town live a Spartan existence, isolated from their homeland. Life was never easy there and even the smallest of crimes were dealt with death. When you have to live with ration restrictions for not only the military, but the town folk as well there was no room for thieves trying to steal food.

Once Bogwood was burned to the ground Orion fled to the safety of the Deadlands and joined their military force to get revenge on those who killed his townsmen and to become strong to save his daughter Lillian from the cold lifeless grip of the demon Cimeies. Rising in rank at an amazing speed it was only three years after joining the Orion took on the title Brigadier General and was allow control of anywhere between three to five legions consisting of three-thousand to six-thousand men strong.

Only once did he ever control more than five legions and that was when the Deadland Army marched out to the ruins of Bogwood to reclaim it. During the battle other important Generals fell and their legions looked to Orion, who was the only one with experience on fighting in these lands for a living for hope. Winning the battle at a high cost of troops Orion had won the battle but lost the war, he immediately pulled out all the surviving soldiers and marched back to the Deadland Capital.

After his victory at Bogwood his superior officer offered him the rank right below him, but he denied it. Leaving the military life only after five years he set out on the mission to save his daughter from Cimeies. While only doing the tasked asked of him while on leave he now was free to do them as a much fast speed without concern of having to go back to war. He however did promise his General and his own men that he would return once he had finished what he started long ago.

(The new and improved Orion Vryce, with extended history)

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Been talking with Ink about making a character for RP

Name:- Chung Lao, Lao Fong
Age:- Middle age, unknown
Gender:- Male, undisclosed
Race:- Human, human
Class:- Monk, NA

Chung Lao hails from a land across the seas and has travelled to this land to further his studies in botany/herbalism/alchemy. His appearance is that of a youthful-looking middle-aged male with a skintone rarely seen in the Tri-Kingdoms. He dresses in a long-flowing outer robe embroidered with images and symbols from his homeland, under the robe he wears loose-fitting leggings that do not hinder his movements and a simple sleeveless jerkin. On his feet he wears slippers with a slit between the big toe and 2nd toe and knee-high stockings. On his head he wears the typical 'wok-hat' of his people (rounded like a wok, not the pointy tip like most styles of this type), and wears a black cloth over his eyes but he is not blind nor attempting to hide his identity (that would be crazy and overly paranoid )

His primary weapon appears to be a simple 6-foot staff, but in actual fact there is nothing simple about it: it can be seperated into 2 3-foot staves that are hollow and lined with steel, one half can be used as a blow-pipe and the other half has a number of slots and can be used as a spy-glass (the slots are so crystals can be placed to change the distance). He also has been known to use throwing needles with deadly accutate aim. He wears his hair in a 3-foot long que/ponytail, starting from shoulder-blades 2-inch long pieces of wood with a metal spike have been braided in with 1 inch between each wood, the end of the que has a metal ring to add weight

Lao Fong (no relation) is Chung's androgynous assistant (they are always referred to either as 'Lao Fong' or a neutral pronoun). They are dressed in similar but simpler clothing as Chung, but without the hat/eye-cloth/robe. They appear to be helpless but is fully capable of defending themselves. Lao Fong never speaks in public or in any situation where they might be overheard but is still able to communicate with Chung, and others where needed

Hope that is not too much info but covers everything relevant, if you need any further info just ask (or if ah think of anything else ah will edit this again)

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