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Old 02-16-2016, 05:07 PM
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Default XML API - for developers

Ok, hear me out,.

I know it takes ages to get stuff onto iOS or Android etc, so how's this for an idea.
A POST/GET interface which allows (me, and/or others) to "travel" through the game and it's features without having to load the entire web page.

A post example would be a simple call to:
- http://xml.dragontavern.com/char/[charname]/explore/
Or even mobile.dragontavern.com.

The app/could then use these simple lightweight calls and get an xml returned with the result. In essence it would return a basic 1-2 KB response much like a user would see when they were exploring. But without all the images and other screen elements that do not change.

- current health
- roll results
- monster stats
- success chance
- loot gained
- current xp
- etc

It would allow someone to develop an app using this as a base, and add in custom graphics (or text).

If it'd be easy to develop that is... ?
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