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Default 2^32

I now see why Honeyfuggle remorted after reaching a score upwards of 9 billion on the immortal plaque.

I recently noticed that my score on the immortal plaque has plateaued at 9,577,910,895. Killing enemies reduces my "xp to next level," but it doesn't increase my plaque score. I wasn't sure if this was an issue with the plaque or with some other variable, so I did some testing.

It turns out that the ceiling I've hit is for total character xp, which caps at 4,294,967,295. This is 2^32-1, so I'm guessing the number is stored as an unsigned long integer.

I'd looked forward to continuing my play, and wanted to see if this ceiling could be increased. There are several players that I think might surpass this ceiling, and it would be nice if the playing field were extended so that we could continue to compete... to infinity and beyond

One possibility would be to use the same integer variable type for total character xp as is currently used for plaque score. Since my plaque score is more than double my total xp, this leads me to believe that the plaque score uses a different kind of integer variable with a higher capacity. Maybe the same variable type could be used for total xp?

Or, if it's difficult to retrofit the system by changing the variable type (maybe this would cause problems recognizing players' old data files), a new variable could be added. This variable (i'll call it times_maxed) would increment up by 1 every time a player reaches the xp ceiling. Then, what is now the player's total xp variable (i'll call it total_xp) would be reset to 0. A player's true xp total would be determined by this function:

xp = total_maxed * 4,294,967,295 + total_xp

If you make total_maxed an unsigned long integer like total_xp currently is, then the xp ceiling would be increased to 4,294,967,295^2 + 4,294,967,295... I haven't done the math but I assume that is a very very large number

Thanks for developing this game and for considering my request.

Liskodisko (level 250 bone lord)
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32bit unsigned integer.
They could increase it to 64 bit i guess, but they might be limited to how browsers handle such numbers.
Then again, that could be handled server side and the browser could simply be fed a string.
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I was wondering why you stopped climbing the ladder. I'd love to see how high players could take there characters before hitting a soft cap of possible leveling.

I'd also like to promote the idea again on the possibility of something post maxing out your immortal potential - just like immortality gave new possibilities to our old mortal characters. I'd love to see a discussion start up on this subject again.
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So there is maximum of experience as I was afraid. I hope that developers are planning to do something with it.

As to solution, I suggest to use float, because later you don't need to count every experience exactly.

But I'm quite pessimistic to actually see this change until many more players reach this maximum and start to complain.

There is much more that could be designed as what to do after reaching max exp. For example just press some super remort button and start again from level 1 with new super ability. I have some other ideas how to solve it, but it's pointless to describe them if developers don't pay attention to them.
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er.. bump?
I'm not there yet, but will be eventually, and I don't want to keep remorting forever.

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