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Default The Hardcore Adventures of Stainless Steel

The Hardcore Adventures of Stainless Steel
Slightly Known Outcast of the Steel Empire

[Introduction: A Word from the Author]

A few days ago I thought it would be fun to chronicle the exploits of a quirky yet lovable hardcore character. Eventually this tale might evolve into a poorly drawn web comic but for now I shall relate the story with the written word alone. I will be taking creative liberties with the story in that much of the details are not provided by Dragon Tavern. I am not very familiar with the accepted interpretations of the game world that many, more dedicated, players have shared with the community. If I butcher certain details or misread the title of a creature or two please forgive me.

All of the events that I am about to write, minus the prologue, took place within the game itself (in one form or another). Obviously I cannot write out every single encounter so I will be removing most of the more boring encounters. Each excursion outside of Dragon Tavern will have details on a minimum of three exploration attempts. I will also include many events which take place within Dragon Tavern itself but, in the interest of keeping the story interesting, I shall attempt to keep this to a minimum. Constructive criticism is welcome.

So without further adieu please allow me to introduce our hero, Stainless Steel.


[Prologue: How Stainless Got His Groove Back]

Nobody, that's what an aging squire is, a nobody. That's what he thought quietly to himself as he wiped the sweat from his balding head. This morning he had been assigned stable duty again. All the younger, more able-bodied squires were out learning the skills they would need to become full fledged cavaliers of the Steel Empire while he was here, shoveling horse manure. This was not the destiny he had imagined for himself as a boy. This was not the life of a knight in shining armor.

"Finally." He said to himself as he cleaned the last of the filth from the stable floor. Most people take it for granted that a stable is a nasty place to tread but the noble cavaliers have higher expectations. Turning, he caught a glimpse of a mischievous pony making a mess on the freshly cleaned floor. With a sigh he picked up the shovel again. As he approached the pony seemed to be mocking him, prancing about it's own dung as it was. He swallowed his pride and bent over the steaming pile, lowering the shovel. It was then, staring down at a pile of horse shit, that the course of his life would be forever changed. The pony, a truly malevolent beast, took the opportunity to kick this poor stableman square in the noggin. He reeled and fell in a heap at the back of the stall. The world went black.

An indeterminable amount of time passed and he regained consciousness. Unfortunately consciousness was all he regained, the kick to the head had robbed him of his identity. He rose, stumbling a bit, and touched his face. There was blood. He glanced around the stable and spotted a water basin. Once there he stared down and did not recognize the face staring back up at him. He cleaned the wound, which was mostly superficial, the bleeding had stopped of it's own accord.

He checked his person looking for something to jar his memory. His pockets were empty but on his hip he had a sword, little more than a dagger really. He raised it and it glistened in the afternoon sunlight. There was an inscription on the blade, "Stainless Steel." Pondering this he stepped outside the stable and looked around. Above the stable doors there was a sign which read, "Bedua Calvary Stable." A spark of recognition shone in his eyes. "Of course!" he thought to himself. He returned to the stable and donned the appropriate gear of a cavalier. "I am Stainless Steel, cavalier of Bedua!" he proclaimed to the pony. "And you are my regal pony..." he trailed off. He couldn't remember the pony's name. "Err... Pony!" The pony stared dubiously at the madman. Stainless saddled the pony and opened the gate of the stall. "Come Pony, there is much adventuring to be done."

Stainless and Pony wandered the streets of Bedua aimlessly, Stainless stoically enjoying the silent admiration of the common folk. What he thought was admiration was actually astonishment at his bung eye, which was now a bright purple bruise covering half his face. It wasn't long before they crossed paths with a zealot preaching the word of Ajen to a crowd of onlookers. The man was, quite rudely, occupying the middle of the road. Seeing it as his duty to defend the right of the people to come and go as they please, Stainless called out to the man. "Oy! You there, in the street. What's so important that it has to waylay these fine citizens?"

The Zealot paused his sermon with a scowl. Infuriated he responded, "I am preaching the word of the mightly God Emperor of the Steel Empire and you would do well to listen quietly." He turned back to the crowd with the intention of continuing but Stainless interrupted again.

"God Emperor? Steel Empire? What are you on about?" Stainless scratched his head a moment and pondered the words while the Zealot stared at him with his mouth agape. "Oh I see." Stainless continued, "You must mean my family's empire, for I am Stainless Steel." Pony writhed timidly beneath Stainless, sensing the coming danger. "Perhaps this God Emperor is my father... or Uncle. Yes, I quite like that... Uncle God."

"KILL THE HERETIC!" The zealot proclaimed to the crowd, pointing at Stainless Steel.

Pony, ever the cunning beast, whirled in the opposite direction and bolted. On her back Stainless was still pondering this mysterious relative, "Uncle Goddy? No..." completely oblivious to the narrowly averted danger. By the time Stainless realized Pony had been galloping at full speed they were long gone from Bedua. Pony rode through the night, well aware of how doggedly zealots and their mobs can pursue their quarry, straight to the only safe haven she knew. Her previous rider had traveled there often, a place called Dragon Tavern.

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