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Old 07-03-2010, 05:20 PM
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Talking Immortality Awaits!

Greetings everyone!

Dragon Tavern is proud to announce the imminent release of the latest free upgrade to the game, the Paths of Immortality!

In the next few hours, a new room called the Immortal Hall will appear in the tavern, dedicated to all players who've managed to reach level 55 or above.

In the Immortal Hall, players gain the option to embark on one of the 14 immortals paths listed below, each of which offer a different and powerful upgrade to any character brave enough to take up the challenge.

Paths include:
Avatar (Steel Empire Only)
Chosen (Steel Empire Only)
Lich (Deadlands Only)
Shadelord (Deadlands Only)
Elemental (Mountain Kingdoms Only)
Primal (Mountain Kingdoms Only)

In addition, each time you undertake your immortal path (also known as a remort) you gain one additional power, to mix and match depending on your playstyle. You can remort as many times as you wish, as long as you've reached at least level 55 or above each time.

Powers Include:
Soul Stealer
Legendary Avenger
Animate Enemy
Legendary Luck
Rapid Regeneration
Legendary Hunter
Legendary Explorer
Berzerker Rage
Immortal Knowledge
Time Twister
Proven Fate
Stone Gaze
Legendary Drinker
Flaming Weapons
Force Field
Death Aura.

There are advantages to attaining higher levels than 55 however, as you'll steadily gain more and more immortal points (also known as IMP). These IMP can be spent on numerous Immortal only skills including helping you carry more loot, to increasing the amount of free AP you gain per day, to an automatic boost to any xp earned. If that wasn't enough, IMP can also be spent on upgrading your immortal path to an even more potent form, provided you don't mind saving up.

This is by far the largest expansion we've ever released for Dragon Tavern, focused squarely on our long term loyal players who've stuck with us to hit the elite zones of the game and accumulate ultimate gear.

As with the rest of the game, there's no purchase required to unlock this new content, so if you're approaching the 50's even as a free player, you have something awesome to look forward to!

All full FAQ to this new functionality can be found in-game in the Immortal Hall, and as always please feel free to use our forums with any questions you may have, or if you just want to show off your shiny new Soul Stealing Planeswalker.

We hope you enjoy what we've created. Immortality is just hours away.
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Old 07-03-2010, 11:48 PM
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This is now live!
Playing as:

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